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What's Inside Counts - Wallet

Did you ever ask yourself what type of wallet or wallet protections you need when traveling? We have tested various men and women's wallets over the years and here are a few things we learned.

  1. RFID Protection - Whether it is built-in or RFID cards you add into the wallet, its best to protect. The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) built into the wallet, sleeves or cards offer an additional layer in protecting your credit cards, bank cards, drivers license, passport and more.

  2. Men's wallets come in different colors, sizes, materials and design. It is all in what you personally prefer to purchase and use. Travel Tip: Consider keeping your wallet in a front pocket, pouch, or in a way the keeps it securely close to you. Pick pockets and thief's are out there and being aware at all times is important. Swanky Bader offers a nice leather wallet. Well made, good organization and the price point is reasonable.

  3. Ladies wallets also come in different colors, sizes, materials and design. Again, your wallet selection for travel is in all what you personally prefer to purchase and use. One of us however, has spent a little more time testing out wallets. Travelon has made nylon wallets that are light weight. The one we tested did not have RFID protection. RFID cards were added. This was the lightest and more convenient wallet. Travel Note: The wallets we purchased and tested were not designer. They felt sensibly made for travel by being light weight and good organization. Lodis makes a credit card holder that is RFID protected with an additional snap strap that holds the cards securely in place. If you do not mind exposing all your cards at once this is a good light weight option. Long, short, two-sided, coin holder, trifold, bifold, zipper snap it really is what works for you.


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