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Under Seat Luggage 2

Recently we have been looking for under seat luggage. It is an alternative to saving our backs from backpacks and shoulders from those over the shoulder bags. We purchased 3 different under seat luggage pieces from different luggage makers. Below we've outlined our thoughts along with pros and cons of each one.

TravelPro: Pros: The luggage is great for storage and fitting all the equipment we like to travel with. Light weight and stores well. Easy to store under the seat on airplanes. This has very good organization for all your smaller items. Price point varies by distributor but is not going to break your wallet.

Cons: Only 2 wheels. For those of us that are not steady on our feat and need walking support equipment its difficult to pull the luggage along.

Rating: Its a keep and favorite for organization but needs 4 wheels

Note: We did search and found an under seat model by TravelPro but it was more than double what we paid for this model. It still may be worth it if you travel often.

Samsonite: Pros: The luggage is light weight fits most of the equipment. 4 wheels for maneuvering. Good organization pockets. Price point varies by distributor but is not going to break your wallet. Great organization inside. We liked this one because it may eliminate our need for walking support.

Cons: Only 1 side pocket. Too small inside. Handle felt wobbly.

Rating: Returned

Verage: This name brand we had not heard of before we purchased. Pros: The luggage is light weight and has plenty of storage. It fit all our equipment. Price point was good and is not going to break you wallet. This also had a very sturdy handle.

Cons: Feels bigger than the others. Did not have the organization that the other 2 had for smaller items.

Rating: Its a keeper

Honorable Mention: Delsey. We really like this luggage. It is really light weight.

They have an under seat, 2 wheel luggage model and it has great organization and storage. The cons for us were the 2 wheels and our portable monitors did not fit.

Disclosure: Please note that none of these suggestions, have any affiliation to us. Know that we only recommend products and services we personally used. Keep in mind some of these suggestions may have costs associated with them. It is important to read any information about the luggage and then make your personal decision for purchase.


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