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Under Seat Luggage

For some of us it is difficult to carry a backpack, tote bags, shopping bags or whatever you stuff all those items in when traveling. It is not just about the weight of the luggage but for some of us it can really throw off our balance. Have you ever tried to stay upright or try not to tip over while you are carrying 20 pounds or more on a shoulder?

If you are a digital nomad, content creator or video/photo enthusiast you may find yourself with more expensive equipment that has to be carried on the airplane instead of checking a bag for it. All the bouncing an tossing around can't possibly be good for all the equipment.

One solution we have found helpful is luggage referred to as under the seat luggage. This type of luggage fits on most aircraft. Many have 2 wheels and usually under 18 inches. The 2 wheels have positives and negatives to them. If you are a person who requires the use of a cane or walking stick the 2 wheels may not be for you. You really need to test it out for yourself. We found the dragging or pulling motion with the 2 wheels to be difficult.

We recently acquired some luggage with 4 wheels to evaluate. Stay tuned for the update and videos on our review of both 2 and 4 wheel under the seat luggage.


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