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Travel Tips: When Is the Best Time to Travel?

When is the best time to travel will really depend on you. For us we try not to travel during peak season in the countries we are visiting. We prefer off -season. When is off -season? It will depend on where you are going. Do some research before you book. The internet is full of information about most cities, towns and countries. You can usually do key word searches such as asking what the weather is in a particular location (Future tips on searching will be coming).

Traveling is all about your preferences. We do not typically like to travel when it will be hot in a particular location. We avoid locations when it is their buggy season (We prefer not to have red itchy bug bites to deal with). We prefer cooler temperatures for sightseeing. It makes us less cranky. These are our preferences. What are yours? Please share in comments what your preferences might be.

Thanksgiving in the U.S. is always a challenge because many are traveling home to visit loved ones and the weather is unpredictable in the four season states. Not to say the less than four season states do not have weather challenges as well. We have found traveling on Thanksgiving day a great time to travel whether it is by car or airplane. The airports appear less crowded. We have found this to be a good time for international travel as well.

To make things easier we typically drive to a hotel near the major airport near us a day head. Many of the airport hotels offer stay, park and fly options. This makes it very convenient to stay, park the vehicle and take the hotel shuttle to the airport the next day. Best of all they pick you up on the return. A quick call to the hotel and shuttle service back to get your vehicle.

Whether traveling with families, solo or couples the best time to travel is when it is convenient for you and what your preferences are about traveling. More tips on the best time to travel will be coming.


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