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Solo Traveling

Traveling solo? Who us? Why not?

At a certain season in life we become empty nesters or perhaps become a newly independent person due to relationship statuses changing. People manage these life experiences all differently because that's who we are.

What these life changing events did for us was open opportunities we never thought possible. We drew on our interstrengths and got moving.

We've been traveling as a team or solo for approximately five years both domestic and international. There is a big world out there with amazing places and people to see and meet. Traveling solo gives me the exciting experience of sharing the memories with family, friends and those I've yet to meet.

Solo travel allows you the opportunity to set the pace, enhance the experiences or just do what you want.

Before you go... research, research. There is so much information at our disposal in this technology driven world to get the foundational information necessary for traveling solo. Understand safety first. Learn the basics of the language in the places you travel, learn about the things to respect in the cultures where you travel and let's not forget about the amazing foods, beverages and sightseeing.

If you would like additional travel tips for traveling solo keep watching for future posts. Follow us on social media or reach out we are happy to assist in the research or chat.

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