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Mother's Day Travel Gift

Our children are our greatest gift in life along with our greatest trials and tribulations at times. It is all how each of us perceives parenthood.

As a solo parent I can speak for all of the above but at the end of the day there was no greater joy than bringing children along on business trips or vacations to experience new places through their eyes. Years later it still gives me the greatest joy to experience travel with my children. We are great travel buddies mixing our likes for a great travel experience.

I speak from the heart when I say go and experience travel with your children while you can. As we head towards those golden years it may be more difficult to travel so take advantage of the time while you are able.

Whether road trip, camping or international travel go and enjoy the time with children. The gifts from our children can sure make us laugh and cray but not matter what they are truly the joy in our lives at any age. One mothers opinion.


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