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Mohawk Valley

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

The Mohawk Valley is steeped with history, hit hard by industry departing the area over the years but has so much to offer in natural beauty to enjoy. We grew up in the Mohawk Valley but never appreciated what the area has to offer until in later years. While we do not live close any longer we enjoy going back to visit. This will become a series of blogs outlining places to go and see. For now let's give a few highlights. There is a small town just off the New York State Thruway (90) called Mohawk. Located approximately 1 hour from Syracuse and 1 hour + from Albany. It is a central stopping point for a lot of the sites we will share. Cooperstown NY (Baseball Hall of Fame) is approximately 35 minutes away. Old Forge is approximately 1.15 minutes away. Fort Stanwix located in Rome NY (33 minutes away). North, South, East of West there is something to do and see in an hour or less.

Mohawk has been hit hard over the years with industry leaving, Fulmer Creek flooding and exodus of its population. However, Kwik-Kut Manufacturing has been there for over 80 years and is still in operation. Look in your kitchen and you might see one of the products made at this location. Martin fly fishing reels were once produced in this small town.

This small town could use some love and attention. Those that can think outside the box for revitalization may bring this town some life again. It is located along the Mohawk River. The remnants of the Erie Canal can be seen if you look around town. How might we know this? We use to live in a building that was located along the Erie Canal. If you go looking you will see the stone from the old bridge near by.

Center Street House is a great Airbnb that the owner has reached Super Host status. Rates are reasonable and is located not far from the NYS Thruway. You have easy access to the roads that lead to the locations you wish to travel.


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