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Intragastric Balloon 7

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

66 lbs lost. 22 more to go. It's been slow going getting over the plateau but finally made it. All of a sudden nothing fits. I skipped a size. Hello hip bones haven't seen you in years.

The balloon will be removed next month but the maintenance continues for 6 months. That extra 22 lbs will be gone. It is determination at this point, mental focus and let's not forget exercise.

I am loving the music 🎶 of today. It keeps me dancing 🕺 all day. Malumas' music 🎶 and collaborations have kept the heart rate up and the inches coming off. He should make exercise programs to dance off the pounds and inches.

When the balloon is removed I will share the details on how many inches came off. Keep in mind the balloon is a tool to aid you in weight management. The pounds and inches lost are a result of making life long decisions to be healthy.

One downside to note is my hair falling out. I should start with I have an enormous amount of hair so a person with average hair may have noticed a lot sooner. It's coming out in handfuls. I'm not getting enough biotin or protein. It's just trying to figure it out. Stay tuned for an update on this particular topic.

Thank you Mr. Juan Luis Londono Arias for doing what you do. 😊




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