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Intragastric Balloon 1 Month

The intragastric balloon was placed in my stomach a month ago. To date the weight lost is 43 lbs. 33 being from pre-op diet and post-op diet.


  • This is not an easy process. You have to be prepared and committed to your weight loss journey. The balloon will be for 6months and removed.

  • There are all kinds of side affects when the balloon is first placed that could happen as with any form of surgery. I am happy to say the surgeon rocked it! I had none of the potential side affects in the first 3 days.

  • If you have acid reflux be prepared to take your medication daily


  • It feels great to make a commitment to being healthy. Family and friends are extremely supportive of this journey.

  • No Vestibular Migraines to speak of. There was only 1 day but the weather turned poor.

  • The medical care team is great to work with and they really hear you.

Watch for 2 Month Update


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