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Camera 📷 Camera 📷 Camera

Being new to social media and our business we wondered how we would be able to create content to share. We started with our cell phones which have great cameras for stills or video.

Conclusion: Easy to use and gets the job done.

For growing the business and recording we watched and listened to many videos from social media experts. We decided on the Cannon EOS M50 MII.

Budget: Friendly

Conclusion: intermediate to use

It does not have some odd the features we were looking for but still a good camera.

Oldie but a Goodie

We have an Olympus camera 📷 that feels like it was ahead of its time. It's now approximately 12-15 years old but has great stabilization, auto focus, 30x times zoom with panoramic capabilities and records video.

Budget: Can't Remember

Conclusion: Easy to use and gets the job done.

360 Camera and Video

We recently purchased the Insta360 X3. We are just learning how to use it. So far it is easy to carry and use. Much easier for those of us with arthritis to use than the Go Pro black 9 we purchased last year. That camera we tucked away it was too difficult for us to maneuver. Keep watching 👀 to see review as we grow in knowledge of this cameras capabilities.

Budget: Friendly

Conclusion: Easy to use, light weight and gets the video job done.

Every traveler has their own ideas of what to capature on their next adventure. We recommend when looking for your next memory capture tools; researching before you buy. Take time to read reviews and make a list of capabilities you want your 📷 to have. It's a big market and technology is always changing. Set your budget and then find the best prices by researching. We found YouTube to has many interesting videos on equipment as you narrow your search that maybe helpful in that final decision making process.

These are own personal views and cannot be construed as a formal expert opinion or advice. It is your responsibility to research before you buy. None of this content has been sponsored. The equipment has been purchased on our own.


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