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Beauty Prep for Travel 1 - Beauty Salon or Barber Shop Stop

Updated: May 4, 2022

When preparing for travel there are a few things we like to do to save time once we reach our destination so that we can go go go. Hair appointment a must. Color those grays and refreshen the look. Usually the typical schedule is one day before travel. Why you may ask? It so that the blowout or style lasts a few days. A little travel dry shampoo and then no lengthy time wasted on doing hair.

For the barber shop stop it may be a whisker and wash for you. Nothing like a wash, trim and hot face towel to get you looking spiffy for travel.

This may cut down on hair styling equipment and products you need to pack. Another option is to schedule a hair appointment in advance of reaching your destination. Look around on your hotels website for recommendations or on property salons or spas. The appointment is then built into your travel itinerary.


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