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Alexandria Virginia

If you want to consider stepping away from Washington, D.C. , Alexandria is like jumping across to the other side of the Potomac River. Alexandria is in driving distance to Regan National Airport and Mount Vernon, George Washington's estate. There is a mix of industry, new and old homes to view and lots of shopping and restaurants.

One restaurant we recently visited was called Burton's Bar & Grill. On a Friday night with no advance reservation we only had an approximate 15 minute wait. The first thing that we liked about our server was he suggested if adult beverages were our choice of cocktail before dinner that they had happy hour pricing still going on and our experience just improved from there. They promote support of dietary restrictions, make menu suggestions and the service continues from appetizer delivery throughout the entire meal. Our waiter was fantastic and paid very close attention to details. The menu has a broad selection and we felt like it was made to accommodate our preferences. Rating: Worth It

If you have the time Old Town Alexandria is another great place to wander around. We were a little sad to see many of the shops that had been in Old Town before the pandemic were gone. We hope that they either come back or new ones move in to this great area to walk, dine and visit.

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