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21 Hours to No Where - Part 3

Ok, missed the flight now what? Do not panic! Take a deep breath and start asking where you can go to get help. It's never easy to miss a flight. It is in our nature to hit panic mode. Breathe easy and plan ahead for events of this nature.

Flying business class on Turkish Airlines allowed us to enjoy the benefits of the business class lounge for 7 hours in Istanbul. It's enormous and has so much to offer, massage, food, beverages, resting rooms and so much more. There is also the perk of the concierge assisting in your rebooting travel needs. Granted they put us back on a flight to the U.S. hence the 21 hours to no where. Had they not done that we would have been stuck in Istanbul because our COVID-19 tests were expiring within hours of being put back on the flight to the U.S.

Lessons Learned:

1. Look how much time you have to connect to your next flight before you book. For international travel we recommend a minimum of 2 hours anything less you could also experience the 21 hours to now where.

2. Booking direct with the airlines is best. It may cost a little more but may be worth it. The online travel agency didn't want to know us once the trip was ticketed.

3. Travel Insurance. Is it worth it? We believe it's peace of mind when traveling. In particular international travel. While we didn't have a good experience we think it's still worth it.

4. Pack a change or clothes, tooth brush, medications, general toiletries in your carry on luggage.

  1. Covid-19 testing. Know the rules in the countries you are traveling. Time your test right or it may expire in a country that is a head in time from your departure country.


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