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21 Hours to No Where - Part 2

Travel Day: TSA precheck and Clear makes for ease in clearing security. Boarding completed timely. Flight leaves the gate on time...tarmac hold we sat for over an hour on the tarmac before we had clearance to depart. Unknown travel delay. Finally off we go.

Turkish airlines offered nice amenities, beverages and food. The meal was very good with all sorts of new eats to sample. Beverages were a little lacking in that they did not offer a wide selection or come around with a second offering. If you like to drink water we suggest you brining your own.

Arrival in Istanbul Turkey International Airport was over an hour and a half late. The airport is enormous. From deplaning you have to take a bus to the international check point where you have to clear security. The security team was wonderful and so helpful in trying to help me get to the connecting gate timely. They gave me directions and told me the short cuts to get to the connecting gate quicker. Unfortunately, the airport is so enormous and walking with a cane delayed me further in reaching my connecting gate. By time I arrived the flight to Zagreb was well underway by 45 minutes. Ok, missed the flight now what?

A couple of honorable mentions if traveling solo. Know your seating when you book. In business class window seating is great unless you have a unknown companion in the aisle seat. You will have to climb over them for restroom breaks. Knees high or you might trip over the person that is fully reclined.

Make sure to have a little understanding of the language of where ever you travel. Even if it is a thank you. The airport employees very much appreciated the attempt to thank them for their service in their native language. Note; I didn't say I did it well but tried.


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